Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nik in Love: November Edition

One of my Youtube guilty pleasures are the monthly favorites videos.  I love to see what beauty, fashion, and even food items my favorite vloggers are loving from month to month.  It's such a good way to get recommendations on new things to try or reviews of products I might be thinking about trying.  So I have decided to bring the written version of monthly favs to Catastrophe and share with you all the things I'm loving each month.

Wet N Wild. The Godsend of lipstick. Pretty colors. Nicely pigmented. Only $2.99! I am in love with 919B Vamp It Up, this fall. It is the perfect fall color and is kind of reminiscent of the dark colors I loved in the 90's (Don't judge me. You know they were cool.) Whatcha think? Pretty in purple? Yep!!

Snickers. Must I tell you not to judge me again? ;) Why am I obsessed with them this month. I moved from my usual obsession (Almond M&Ms) to this wonderful new guilt-filled pleasure. NO, I DIDNT STEAL ALL THE SNICKERS OUT MY DAUGHTER'S TRICK OR TREAT CANDY!!! I left one.

Scarves. My utter hate for the cold makes the pairing of Autumn and scarves a definite must-have. I never have enough of them! From the perfectly handmade knitted scarf I received last Christmas in a blog swap to the lightweight fun printed scarves that substitute as protective style headwraps. I am loving them every Fall!

Leopard Flats. For like $10 these were a steal. Tar-jay ladies and gentlemen and I wear them with everything I can. I am gonna wear the crap out of them for the next week or so because that cold air is quickly sneaking it's way in and very soon it will be a wrap for 2012.

Zaiah's green dress. I thought I liked the dress when I bought it at H&M but I realized I loved it when I put it on my baby girl for picture day. The cuteness! She looks so adorable and the green looks good on her don't you think? How much more use can I get out of it this year. I say, a lot!

I am sooo loving round/square stud-like earrings right now.  These earrings hold a special place in my heart because they're vintage and they all belonged to my Nana.  Some of them she bought. Some of them she made. But I love them all!  I constantly get compliments on the homemade ones and they really are my ultimate favs!

Stay tuned next month to see what I am loving in December :)

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