Friday, November 23, 2012

Do it two ways: Head Wraps

There are days when my hair just needs a break. Sometimes it's a form of protective styling and sometimes it's just a bad hair day, but wraps can be the perfect solution to both of those issues.

Style 1: Turban Twist

 This style is perfect for days when you still want to show off your natural hair but not put a lot of work in.

Pull your scarf tightly against the back of your head.
Tie it in the front
Pull the back fabric up and tuck it in under your tied section

Twist the two tied ends together
Tuck your twist into the back of your turban off to the side

...and you have a perfect turban twist for the lazy or fashion forward days ;)

Style 2: Wrapped Crown

This style is perfect for days when you need your hair to be completely protected.  It is also good for covering up a long term deep condition ;)

Pull the scarf tightly to the back
Twist the back tail tightly
Wrap the tail around the crown of your head and tuck to secure
Perfect protective style!
 Sidenote: If your scarf is cotton, you may want to place a stocking cap underneath to act as a barrier between the cotton and your hair.  Cotton can dry your hair and be damaging!

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