Friday, November 23, 2012

Autumn Centerpiece

I know that Fall is almost over but I wanted to share a little bit of craftiness for the season before it's all candy canes and Christmas trees.

Recently, I was cleaning out my little crafting nook that has now been turned into a very multi-purpose workspace and I found these bottles that I thrifted some time back.  I always love grabbing bottles and vases and such even with no real plans on what I am going to do with them.

These bad boys needed a purpose and so I came up with this simple little number. A centerpiece for Autumn, we used it for Thanksgiving, that just gives a little Fall jazz to the table.

I love jute twine. I used it last year in my fall pumpkins and I tend to lean back towards it a lot. I just love the rustic/vintage feel it can give to any craft/decor item.

So I got to glueing.

I added a little fabric flower to the twined bottle with some fabric I had a round the house.
Had some silk Autumn flowers, so I threw some of those in there (eventually changed up to some real chrysanthemums). Smacked on a ribbon. Scattered some glitter leaves that Zee and I made together. Laid down a simple runner from some fabric at home.... and ta da!  

Simple Autumn decor!!  Keep this in mind next year for your Fall tables and mantels :)  Simple and funtastic.

Now it's time to craft Christmas!!


  1. Super Cute!! I just did some twin wrapping crafts the other day but they did not turn out as cute as this. I may have to give it another go!! Great idea for a centerpiece. Looks lovely.

  2. Twine wrapped bottles! How adorable! I love how you displayed it on the deck(?) wiht the leaves. So perfect for fall....

    hugs x

  3. those are great ideas! I need a new center piece! I may have to try this out!


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