Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tuesday's Naturals: Coming Soon!!


Every Tuesday at Catastrophe will be dedicated to YOU!!  I will be posting a weekly naturals linky party here at Catastrophe!  For those of you who have never participated in a linky party, this is how it works.  A linky party is a place where you come to enter a link that you would like to share.  Everyone's links will show up in the post for other's to check out!  Here you can link up your blog, IG photos (from your new online IG profile), Facebook pages, Twitter pages, YouTube videos, or whatever you like as long as it has to do with natural hair.

WAIT!! There is more! Not only will it be Tuesday's Naturals here at Catastrophe but it will ALSO be Tuesday's Naturals over on my Instagram: NikMonet.  Every Tuesday I will be posting photos of naturals from google searches, blogs, and Instagram  AND  if you would like to be featured, tag your photo with #tuesdaysnaturals or tag me (@nikmonet) in the photo and I will feature as many people as I can!!  This will be an awesome way to get exposure for your personal Instagram :)

So here are the guidelines/rules:

To link up to the Tuesday's Naturals party:

  • You MUST be a follower of Catastrophe (preferably through GFC)
  • Make sure your link is natural hair related

To be featured on Instagram:

  • Must be a natural hair photo or a photo having to do with natural hair in some way
  • Label your photo with the hashtag #tuesdaysnaturals or...
  • Tag @nikmonet in photo

That's it!!!

I hope for Tuesday's Naturals to be a great networking technique to encourage, help, and inspire new and current naturals!!  

Here is my SUPER BIG request.   TELL EVERYONE ABOUT TUESDAY'S NATURALS!!!! #repost it on IG, link it on your FB pages, blog about it, make a video about it, PASS IT ON!!!  This could be a really great experience if we could get LOTS of naturals involved.  So much knowledge and inspiration could be shared!!

The very first Tuesday's Naturals will start Tuesday, January 8th  Head over here and link up all of your newest natural endeavors and dont forget to tag your IG photos with #tuesdaysnaturals

IM SO EXCITED, GUYS!!!  I cant wait to meet so many of you and check out the hairstyles, tips, and natural yumminess! Let's make this FUN!!!

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